Monday, November 27, 2017

November 27, 2017

Dear Families of TCS 5th Graders,
                Welcome back!  I hope you had a relaxing mini break.  I spent time with my family in southern New Mexico and enjoyed the sunshine! 
                We have a lot going on in 5th grade for the next four weeks.  Our trout eggs hatched over the weekend and the students are really excited.  We will be regularly testing the water and tracking their changes.  This also launches a new unit, which we will start next week; ecosystems.  There will be a project due the week before winter break.  This is one of my favorite projects of the year.
                This week we will finish up our discussion of culture and the way different cultures can impact each other.  The students will have an essay and visual presentation assigned tomorrow which will be due next Monday, the 4th.
                We will be very busy in Math over the next four weeks as well.  There will be two more math tests before the end of the quarter.  I will be continuing to send home review work for homework each Monday that will be due on Friday.
                We are continuing to collect canned goods for Taos feeds Taos.  Please keep sending in your donations!
                Tomorrow all ski club forms are due, and there will be no exceptions for late forms.  Please be sure that your child’s forms are returned tomorrow if they want to participate in the program.  It is also important to remember that students whose grades and/or class work are unsatisfactory will not be able to ski. 
Assignments for this week are as follows:
·         School Reading Log due 12/1
·         Math Homework due 12/1
·         Reading Log due 12/4
·         Culture Essay and Visual due 12/4
Important dates to put on the calendar:
·         November 28- Last day to turn in ski club forms!
·         December 15- Last day to turn in canned goods for Taos feeds Taos
·         December 22- Last day of 2nd Quarter

·         December 23-January 8th- Winter Break

Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017

Dear Families of TCS 5th Graders,
            Happy October!  This is, hands down, my favorite month of the year.  The weather is beautiful, the leaves are changing, and it’s the perfect time for hot cocoa and a fire! This is the last week of the first quarter.  I can’t believe how quickly it has gone.  Report cards will go home Friday, October 20th.  Friday the 27th there is no school for conferences, however, I need to take my son to an appointment in Denver, and will not be scheduling conferences that day.  Instead, I will schedule conferences after school over the course of a couple of weeks.  I am sending home a sign-up sheet today.  Please let me know which slot (or slots) would work best for you.
This Thursday is our unit test on place value in math.  Some of the kids are feeling nervous, but they shouldn’t.  A test is just another opportunity for me to find out how to better help them learn.  They may take their math binders home this week to review what we have been working on.  If they like, they may also access Moby Max at home to get in some extra practice.

I am sending home another reading order this week.  Thank you for your orders last month, we were able to order a lot of new books for the classroom!  Keep in mind that I am always happy to take donations of books when your child has finished reading them!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Taos Opera Guild, please encourage your students with interest, to come to a performance of NORMA, by composer Vincenzo Bellini, on Saturday morning at 11AM on October 7, 2017 at the TCA. The students' tickets are free. A catered lunch is also free, for the invited students.  All we need to know in advance is the estimated number of students coming, for lunch planning.   Please let me know if you would like to take your child to this event!

Assignments for this week are as follows:
·         Reading Log due 10/16
·         Extra Credit Fall Break Reading Log due 10/16
·         Math Unit Test 10/5
Important dates to put on the calendar:
·         10/9-10/13 FALL BREAK-NO SCHOOL

Thank you,

Chrissy Streit

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18, 2017

Dear Families of TCS 5th Graders,
            I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  Our space presentations wrapped up today, and I really enjoyed all of them!  We have a big week ahead, and a lot is going home today.
            I am sending home progress reports today.  This IS NOT a report card.  It is just to let you and your child know where they stand currently, and their final grade for the semester may look very different.  This report shows all of the assignments graded so far this semester; if your child is missing a lot of work it will impact their grade significantly. 
            Our field trip is on Thursday.  I am sending home a photo release from the Forest Service.  Please sign and return the form, as well as the permission slip for the trip, by Wednesday.
            You will also see an invitation to join Class Dojo.  This is a new way for me to communicate directly with you about your child’s day.  Please let me know if you have trouble signing up.  The app is free, and you can also login on your computer through the Class Dojo website.

Assignments for this week are as follows:
·         Reading Log due 9/25
·         2 Math lessons with corresponding homework
Important dates to put on the calendar:
·         Thursday, September 21- Bio Blitz Field Trip
Thank you,

Chrissy Streit

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017

Dear Families of TCS 5th Graders,

            I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.  It was wonderful to see many of you at the parent night last week.  I am sending home a parent guide and a copy of the grading syllabus for everyone, and hopefully it will answer questions for those of you that were unable to attend. 

            Our first field trip is coming up towards the end of the month.  We will be attending the Bio Blitz at the Red River Fish Hatchery on September 21st.  I will send home more information in next week’s letter.

            Our space projects are now in full swing.  The project (Essay and Visual Element) are due on Thursday, September 14th.  We will be conduction research and working on our papers in class.  I expect that some work will also be done on the essays at home, as well as the majority of the visual aspect of the project.

Assignments for this week are as follows:
·         Reading Log due 9/11
·         3 Math lessons with corresponding homework

Important dates to put on the calendar:
·         Friday, September 15- No School
·         Thursday, September 21- Bio Blitz Field Trip

I am really enjoying teaching and discovering new things with this class.  Thank you for sharing your children with me!

Chrissy Streit

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Special Visitor

Today our class received a special visit from the New Mexico Secretary of Education, Christopher Ruszkowski, in honor of our school earning an A for the last school year.  What a treat!